Let’s not forget that KARATE IS ONE.

The Shotokan Goshindo Institute of Poland was established to provide training in the art of karate as practiced by the Master sensei Hiroshi Shirai. The plans for establishing this organization were fully accepted by sensei Shirai. We have been acting unofficially since 2009 and in August 2010 the organization was finally registered in the Polish court.

Members of our society have travelled different paths and originate from various clubs and federations. Our common goal is the study of Shotokan karate. This form of karate originates from Gichin Funakoshi and his son Yoshitaka and is now continued by sensei Hiroshi Shirai and his closest associates.

We practice in the atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and friendship. Our association provides a professional level of training. We strive to improve physical and mental fitness, to give us greater proficiency in the fight. Having in mind that all forms of karate training should have their origins and aim in kumite, we put a great emphasis on this aspect of the practice. Additionally, we are mindful that correct technique is based upon perfect body posture and movements, proper breathing and dynamics – and that those skills are what constitutes our style. That is why goshindo also plays an important role. It was developed by sensei Shirai following many years of work and experience of the Master.

Whilst all styles of Karate practice strive for perfection it must be acknowledged that good karate practice is primarily a state of mind and manifested widely in the way of life. Karate is not only the fight against an opponent but primarily against our personal weaknesses. Everyone chooses his own way of budo. We invite all those who want to follow the path marked out by Master Shirai.
Let’s not forget that KARATE IS ONE.

Contact details:
ul. Czarna Droga 1
89-500 Tuchola
tel.: 606-257-22

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